Today's stream

A stream is a dump of your consciousness for each day. It could be your notes, it could be your dreams, it could be what you had for dinner. It’s a simple interface that you can come back to throughout the day to log your thoughts. I built it because I love to do just that. Dump what's in my brain as fast as possible so that I can focus on other things. It’s helped me clarify my thinking tremendously but I wanted a way to do it that felt more natural compared to my normal note app. Streams doesn't have any buttons, instead you use your keyboard for everything. If you want to make some text bold then use cmd+B, for italics use cmd+I (try it just now). If you want to link an article or a website, then select the text and paste the article link. Streams can be connected just like your thoughts are. All you need to do is add a hashtag before a word, like #whyiseverythingahashtag. Basically, this is just a boring, easy-to-use Twitter without the memes or internet friends. Built by @jamiehalvorson, tweet me if you like it or hate it.